FAQ: How do I ask questions on pages eg about the Eviction Guide content?

Some of the Landlord Law pages, in particular, the DIY Eviction Guide (a +Plus members only content) has comment areas at the bottom of all the pages.  

Although some members prefer to use the forum, it is more convenient to use the comment area at the bottom of the page.  This will then help other members wanting to use the kit.

Here are some instructions on using the foot of page comments section (note that the site looked slightly different when these screenshots were taken by the system works in the same way):

1. Click the 'add new comment' link

Picture 1

2. Type your comment and give it a title.  Then click the preview button

3. Check your comment and do any corrections in the text box below.  Click preview if you want to preview your changes, or save if you want to publish the comment.

picture 4

4. Here is the published comment.  Where you click now depends on whether you want to reply to this comment or do a completely new one:

Picture 5

 5.  Thats it!  

The important thing is that after you click the preview button, you have to click AGAIN to publish your comment.  People sometimes get confused as the button which publishes the comment is called 'save'.  


6. Important - if you want Tessa to comment, you will need to send her an email  (with a link to the page where the question is) as she does not get automatically notified by the system when these comments are published.  

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