FAQ: I want to evict my tenant - what should I do first?

Before you do anything you need to do some background checking and preparation:

  • If you have taken a deposit you should follow the Tenancy Deposit Compliance Checker guide
  • If you are considering using section 21 you should follow the Section 21 Guide
  • If your tenant is in arrears of rent, you should read the Rent Arrears Action Plan

You should then follow our Which Possession Proceedings Guide. 

These services are all available to all members.  You will find them on the drop down menu under 'Eviction' on the green nav bar apart from the Rent Arrears Action Plan which is under 'Resources'.

These services will all help you understand what you need to do and where to find the relevant resources on Landlord Law.

See also the Eviction Quick Start page on the Landlord Law site (see the green nav bar under 'Eviction').

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