Recurring payments & paying for renewals

The majority of Landlord Law members stay with us a long time.  Indeed some members have been with us ever since Landlord Law was set up in 2001!

As is normal with membership sites, when you sign up to pay online via card (debit or credit) you are automatically signed up to a recurring payment.  This means that you will be charged at the end of your membership period and your membership will continue undisturbed.

All members are told about this at the time of joining and it is set out on our sales pages.  

Standard monthly members are sent an email a few days after joining which explains about the recurring payments.  If you decide that you do not want to continue your membership, either request a cancellation via the green button help system or send Tessa Shepperson an email and she will deal with the cancellation of your payments and membership.  Otherwise, your card will be charged regularly every month.

+Plus members are normally sent an email about a week or so before their payment is due to be made, warning them that the payment is about to go out.  Again, if you do not want to  renew, send an email to Tessa Shepperson or via the green help button system and the payment will be cancelled and your membership ended.

If you are not notified before the payment goes out

Occasionally for some reason, this email (to +plus members) will fail to go out, or sometimes members will not receive it (perhaps it will go to your spam folder).  Or if you have unsubscribed from receiving emails this will prevent the email going out at all.

When this happens we will sometimes get an agitated email from the member, upset that the payment has gone out without warning.  If this happens to you, we apologise in advance!  

However it is not a problem, just send us a request and we will cancel your membership and refund the payment.  This will normally be done within two working days.

Problems with cards

Sometimes the renewal payment is not made (and your membership is cancelled) because of an issue with your card.  For example, because it has changed.  In that case, you should be sent an automatic email inviting you to update your card details.

Note that credit card details are held in a secure location by our system - none of us personally can get access to them!  There are very strict rules governing the online payments system that we use.  

However, you have updated your details, the payment should then go through along with your membership renewal.


If you have requested payment on invoice then we will send the invoice out to you about a month before your renewal payment is due.  If the payment is not made, then your membership will lapse automatically.

Note that due to the extra admin involves we are now charging an admin fee of £6 (£5 + VAT) for invoicing.  

If you have any issues about renewal of membership or the recurring payments which this article has not answered, feel free to submit a support request.

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