Logging in - a step by step guide

Follow this quick guide to logging into Landlord Law.

Tip - if you can usually log in and suddenly find you can't - this will normally be because your renewal payment has not been received and so your membership has lapsed.  Contact us and we will check for you.

Note - the site looks a bit different now as we have had an upgrade since this guide was created.  But the system still works in the same way.

1. Go to the login screen

Go to login  screen


2. Enter your login details

Login screen

If you have just joined for the first time, your username and password will be sent to you by the system.  If you have not received it - check your spam / junk folder (see also below).  If it has not arrived within 1/2 hour, contact us or use the procedure at 4 below.

Your Username - put this where the red arrow is.

Your username  will normally be the section of your email before @.  So if you have joined using email anthony@testemail.co.uk your username will be anthony.  If there is already an member who has anthony as their username, it will be anthony2 etc.  (Note that this does not apply to members who joined before 14/12/2010)

Note that your username will also be the name that appears when you use the forum.  If you want it changed submit a request letting us know the user name you prefer.  You cannot change your username yourself.

If you have been a member before, and have re-joined using the same email, then you should use the same username and pasword you used before as your old account will have been re-activated.  If you have used a different email address when joining, a new account will have been created for you.

Your password  - put this where the green arrow is.

Then click the blue login button.  Go to 3 below.

If you are a new member and your password is taking a long time to arrive, or if you have forgotten what your password was, you can request a new one via the request new password screen.  Where the orange arrow is.  See  more on this at 4 below.

Notes - it is best to copy and paste your username and password as if you try to copy type you often get it wrong even if you think you have it correct. For example, even if you miss out a tiny full stop or comma - the system will still refuse to let you in.  Remember - computers are stupid.  Unless it is EXACTLY right they will not accept the username / password.

However sometimes when you are copying a username or password you will include a 'space' as well (for example at the end).  This will also cause the computer to reject your login.  So make sure that when copying you ONLY copy the wording and nothing else.

3. Log in

After you click the log in button three things can happen.

3.1 - You will log in correctly. 

In which case you should see a screen like this:

Correct login screen

If this does not happen YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN AS A MEMBER.

3.2.  You see an error message come up. 

This means that you have not entered the correct login details.   Check:

  • whether your CAPS locks is on
  • whether you are using the wrong email address
  • whether you have made a mistake in putting in your details (even an extra space at the end of your username or password will trigger an error)
  • whether you have used a lower case when it should be upper case - ie john rather than John
  • whether you have requested a username or password change in the past and have forgotten it, or have changed your password yourself in the past and forgotten it
  • whether it is possible that you have two records with the same email - this can cause confusion in the system and may result in error messages

If none of this works, consider requesting a new password - see 4 below on this.

However remember that computers are stupid - you have to put your details in EXACTLY.  The computer will not work out that john should have been John - it will just refuse to log you in.  Check that you  have put everything in correctly - I suggest you copy and paste the details from the email with your login details.

Note - pre December 2010 members - if you have rejoined, are using your old email, but are finding that your account is blocked - contact us by submitting a request.  When we transferred the database to the new site many of the non-active accounts at that time were blocked by the system.  This can easily be reversed but it has to be done manually by an admin - in your request ticket, say you are a pre-2010 member and ask us to check your account and remove the block.  

3.3 You will see a screen like this

 Non member login

(But with your name instead of Temporary User).  This means that your membership has expired

You are 'logged in' but  will not be able to access any of the members only information.  You need to go to the join page and re-join.  Make sure you re-join using the same email address as we have for you on our system if you want to keep the same account details.

Note by the way that you may see this screen at other times - it is only if you go there when logging in or after clicking 'My Landlord Law'  that it means that your membership has expired.   

4. Requesting a new password

Unfortunately since we moved Landlord Law to a new host, this feature does not seem to be working properly. I suggest therefore that if you do not receive a new password email, you submit a support request and we will give you a new password manually and email it to you.
Unfortunately if the office is unattended at the time you email, it may take a while but we will do this as soon as we can. Apologies for this - we will be commissioning some upgrade work on the site in due course and this is one of the issues we will be addressing then.

To request a new password, click where the orange arrow is in the picture at 2 above.  This will bring up the screen below.

Requesting a new password

Put your email where the red arrow is and click the blue 'email new password' box.

Note that the email you enter here must be the one we have registered for you on our system. 

Alternatively, you can input your username.

If the system recognises the email or username, you will be emailed instructions on how to log in.  The instructions will be sent to the email address registered to you on the system. 

If an error message comes up, try your previous email.  or try typing it again - you may have inadvertently made an error.

Note - if you have joined several times in the past with several different email addresses, make sure it is the CURRENT membership email you put into the box.  Otherwise, you may get sent a password for an old expired account!

5. If none of this works

Submit a support request.  Note that we may not be able to get back to you immediately but we will do so as soon as we can.

6. Changing your account details

Once you have logged in, you can if you like change your password, and you can also give yourself an 'alternative login' to use instead of your user name when logging in.  People often put their email address here. 

However, you cannot change your user name or your email address.  If you want to do this, please submit a support ticket.


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