FAQ: I want to change the terms and conditions - how do I do that?

There are a number of ways to do this.  However first - you should read our members only article on unfair terms in tenancy agreements on Landlord Law.  

You need to be really careful when amending tenancy agreements as if you do not understand the rules your amendments could have the opposite effect to that intended.  

Ways to amend the tenancy agreements:

1. Use the 'additional clauses' feature in the document generator.  You will find guidance on how to do this in the video you will find linked from the main tenancy agreements page.

2. Click the green 'view' button in the My Documents section and then copy and paste the tenancy agreement into your own word processing software - you wiil then be able to alter it as you will.

Again - if you do this be very careful and read our guidance on unfair terms first.

NB See also the video on creating tenancy agreements using the document generator.


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