Who should join Landlord Law?


Most Landlord Law members are private landlords.  You can find out more about our services for Landlords >> here.

Letting Agents

We also have many letting agents.  Agents find the service particuarly useful for tenancy agreements and for looking up the answers to legal questions poised by their customers.  You can find ourmore about our service for letting agents >> here


We also have many members who are professional advisors or whose job involves advising landlords and property professionals - for example staff at Local Authorities and Student Accommodation Offices.  Some mortgage advisors have also found Landlord Law useful.  You can find out more about our services for Advisors >> here.


Many lawyers find Landlord Law extremely useful for looking up tricky points, particularly if you are not a specialist housing lawyer.  You can find out more about our service for lawyers >> here.

Special services for businesses

If you are a business with several staff members who want to use Landlord Law, we do have two special services which may help you.  Please see the separate section on this.

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