Member login problems

Sometimes members have problems with logging into the Landlord Law site.  Here is some guidance for you:

Are you SURE you are using the correct login?

Remember that computers are stupid.  You have to input the username and login exactly right or it won't recognise you.  

It's best to copy and paste the login - and make sure you don't copy any 'spaces' by mistake as this could also cause problems.  

If you are typing the login rather than copying and pasting, make sure your caps lock is not on.

Have you changed your password in the past?

This often happens.  Members change their password, don't log in for a while and then forget that they changed it!  

We recommend the use of a password management system such as Lastpass.  This will remember your passwords for you and can even log you in automatically.  The standard version of Lastpass is free too.  We use Lastpass and find it invaluable.

If you have forgotten your password there is a 'Request New Password' system which you will find with the login screen.  Sometimes people have problems with it though, so if this happens to you, put in a request via the green button help service and we will give you a new password and email you the details.

If the site is showing you as logged out when you know you are logged in

This can be very annoying.  It happens sometimes due to a process known as 'caching'.  In order to speed up loading times, web browsers will often 'remember' pages and show the memorised version if you visit that page again rather than actually visiting the website.

However, if the last time you visited that page was when you were logged out - your browser may show you a logged out screen when you are actually logged in.  

  • Sometimes holding down the shift key when re-loading the page can sort this
  • Or you can 'clear your cache'.  How you do this depends on the internet browser you are using.  Do a Google search 'How can I clear my cache?" and you will generally get given the correct guidance
  • If you STILL have problems - try using a different internet browser (such as Chrome if you have bee using Firefox) or use another computer, or maybe your iPad or iPhone.  

Has your renewal payment been made?

Sometimes, usually due to credit card changes, a renewal payment will not be made.  If this happens, your access will then be terminated. 

We will normally email you and let you know, but if you have changed your email and not notified us, you may not get it.

The best thing to do is to contact us and ask us to check for you.  Your access will br restored as soon as the renewal payment has been made.  

Getting help from us

We can help you if you have forgotten your password or username.  However, if a test at our end shows that the login is working, there is nothing further we can do.  If you are still unable to log in, it will either be a cache issue or some other issue with your computer or system.  

Note also that although we will usually respond quickly if we are here, we cannot provide a 24/7 support service and you may have to wait a while for a response if there is no-one in the office when you send your message.

Please, also can you use the green button message system rather than telephone.  If you ring us, we will always ask you to email or send a message to confirm.  

When sending your message please be sure to give us your name and the email registered to your account as we need this to identify you on our system.  If we are unable to find you on our system we will not be able to help.


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